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We're not just another software house, we're group of Android passionate and highly-skilled Android developers who offer you our services to help you build best app of it's kind. We make applications for devices with Android such as phones, tablets and TVs. Other than that we create business card web pages, graphics, logos and much more. Our main goals are to keep good communication with our clients and make sure we provide them with satisfactory product.

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We have experience and know how to deliver best user experience.
We'll work together with you to make you're product as best as possible.
We're more than happy to help you build next great Android app, create unique design or create modern website!

Android apps
  •  Experience since 2012
  •  Best looking UI
  •  Ideal integration with Android OS
  •  Best comments at app stores
  •  Beautifully enhance your product appealing with our help
  •  Material or design
  •  UX/ UI
Website development
  •  Fully responsive websites (RWD)
  •  HTML5, CSS3
  •  PHP, JS, Ajax, Angular, jquery

We make wide variety of Apps

  • Business Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Health & Fitness Apps
  • Music Apps
  • Photo Video Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Sports Apps

Our process

We tend to use latest and greatest tools and technologies to stick with top-notch experiences through the whole process of creation of your product. You don't waste time and money when you want to add new features into the app because we designed individual architecture of your application and therefore it's easy to extend and maintain your app in timely manner.
Let's be honest, it's not possible to create software which doesn't contain any bug just by coding (like in first run it's not possible), we (as developers) need to write several kinds of tests (unit, integration, functional) and also perform manual testing on actual devices to be sure that everything is in correct manner. You save time and money comparing to having a cheap thus buggy software.

4 steps to build great product:
  • ♦ Decide strategy
  • ♦ Design
  • ♦ Development
  • ♦ Launch!
1. Strategy
  • ♦ Understanding general idea
  • ♦ Mapping key elements
  • ♦ Gathering detailed requirements
2. Design
  • ♦ Selecting best suited style
  • ♦ Preparing mockup screens
  • ♦ Ensuring best user experience
  • ♦ Selecting proper architecture
3. Development
  • ♦ Implementing solution
  • ♦ Access to regular test releases
  • ♦ Extensive internal testing
4. Launch
  • ♦ Handover ready app / website
  • ♦ Submitting app to Android store
  • ♦ Placing website into production server
  • ♦ Active marketing campaign

Contact with us

We charge fair price (usually 50$ per hour) and deliver best you can get from the market. Please be aware that there are cheaper option but in the end you will not earn that much if you would choose us (due to quality differences). To provide low price there are always some shortcuts and in result app suffers some problems which very often are hard to be fixed and maintain so some companies decide to write that app from the beginning with different software house. We also know that there are companies (mostly from US) that charges multiplicity of our price. You can be sure that price / quality ratio won't be grater in our option. Choose us and let's create something great together!!

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